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For every situation in urban pest control, Rogama has a solution. We offer a portfolio of completely effective and innovative insecticides. Our products are developed with extreme quality to give adequate support to pest control professionals and adding value to the service provided and ensuring that the objective is fulfilled.



Rogama participates in the Sustainable City program, contributing to the preservation of the environment.

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For over 37 years researching and developing products with the guarantee of safety and quality for the control of urban pests.

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Uma barata consegue sobreviver sem cabeça?

A roach can survive without a head?

Infamous for their persistence, cockroaches are often cited as the only likely survivors of a nuclear holocaust. Some sages on duty argue that little girls could even live without their heads - and they are right: sometimes a cockroach without a head can survive for weeks.


Aedes que não transmite vírus é a grande aposta da Fiocruz contra Zika.

Aedes that does not transmit virus is the great bet of Fiocruz against Zika.

Researchers at Fiocrus (Oswaldo Cruz Foundation) are getting promising results in a new experiment against Aedes aegypti. They introduced the Wolbachia bacteria into mosquito eggs to render them unable to transmit dengue, yellow fever, chikungunya and zika viruses.


Formigas são preguiçosas, mostra pesquisa americana.

Ants are "lazy," American research shows.

A new study challenges the traditional idea that the ant is a working insect as the fables of Aesop and Jean de la Fontaine tell. American researchers have discovered that half of them do absolutely nothing on the ant hill, just walking back and forth.


Tríplica epidemia faz do Aedes alvo número 1

Epidemic epidemic makes the "Aedes" target # 1.

The ANVISA authorized Instituto Butantã to continue clinical trials of a dengue vaccine, but the emergence of two other viruses (zika and chikungunya) reinforced the need to find a solution to the common origin of all these threats: the Aedes Aegypti.